Sunday, May 1, 2011

Best Quote of the Week ~ 5/1/11 + Random Music

          "Take away my people, but leave my factories, and soon grass will grow on the factory floors. Take away my factories, but leave my people, and soon we will have a new and better factory."
~Andrew Carnegie
          Random Music after the jump!

Toneless by Nobuo Uematsu from Anata wo Yurusanai

Deep inside me by Keith Freeman from Anata wo Yurusanai

Shadow Scat by Nobuo Uematsu from Anata wo Yurusanai

Madness by Kimio Itoyama from Anata wo Yurusanai

          The OST (Original Soundtrack) for Anata wo Yurusanai, a Japanese release only PSP game, is ridiculously good. It has a very cool sounding Jazz style. If you can find it, get it! In fact, I'll provide the links:

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