Monday, December 13, 2010

Ending Day By Day!

                                          Finally! The wait is over!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Castella In Theory 1: Follow My Lead

          This is a short story I wrote back in March of 2010 (I'm putting the year just in case this doesn't go up till 2011). This story will be a collection of short stories tied together by the fictional location: Castella. The reason why I started writing these stories and why the title (Ca-Stell-La In Life Theory) is the way it is is because:

  1. I've been making a story for about six years but I hadn't been writing it consistently. So, Castella is a way to get me back into writing. This goal has been a success.
  2. I like things to be completely thought out and perfect before letting it out the wild. Ca-Stell-La In Life Theory, as whole, is suppose to be me quickly coming up with an idea and just putting in out there without nick picking everything. This goal has not been as successful. Enter episode 2 (8 months and counting).
  3. Learning to writing better as well as to explore new genres. As you will see, the first couple of stories are told differently and/or completely different in genre. This first one is a dark comedy.
  4. To write more reality-based stories. We can argue this later.
          To read this story, simply click on the pictures below or download the Word files further below. Hope you enjoy the read. Also, please comment here or on my Facebook notes' page for this story. Also, if you have negative comments, please elaborate. One of the reasons I'm doing this is to get better at writing.
          Special Thanks to: Stephen for grammar checking the dialog and looking over the dialog only script and Leonard for looking over the dialog only script

Page 1
Page 2

Page 3

UPDATE 1 (10/26/11): Minor fixes to format and story. [Technically, not the first update to this story, but the particular page.]

UPDATE 2 (2/29/12):  Minor fixes.

UPDATE 3 (5/10/12): Forgot to say this before, but the pics are of the older version. Only the PDF reflects the fixes.

          If you don't like clicking on pictures, here is the story in PDF format. Just click on the links below.
          The next one is more a drama, character story, is a lot longer (currently 16 pages) and is kind of crappy (as of now- I'm fixing that) It's 44 pages and awesome! It's darker and I will hopefully finish it over the Christmas break. (That didn't happen...) I promise all the stories won't be dark. Err, from 4 on.
          Oh yeah! Almost forgot, I'm doing a reference contest for the second story. Huge prize! I'll put up the details later. Contest over.


          Welcome the my blog: Virtual Gaia. I needed a website to put up my stories and this was my best bet. You're maybe wondering who I am. Here, Vahsol. Elsewhere, something else (Most likely, if you got here you already know this). PSN, Vahsol. Well, that's for now.