Saturday, February 19, 2011

Best Quote of the Week ~ 2/19/11

          Do not Judge man based on his failures. Judge man on how much he loses, and still comes back.
~ Random Bathroom Stall

          Consequently, this same stall also provided the worst quote of the week.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Machine that Changed the World

          Hey, check this video out. I had to watch this video for my IST class and it is really interesting. It’s an hour long video about the history of computer and how they changed the world entitled: The Paperback Computer. The director made sure it was pretty entertaining as well as informative so you won’t be falling sleep. See the video after the break.

I've Returned

From under a cloud of curious smoke, with piercing black eyes and a nonchalant smirk, HE returns.

          Yo, anyone who actually visits. I’ll returned from the bowels of the otherworld to update this blog. Really, my school load just lightened up some. Anyway, I have a few updates for the today.
          First. After two years and a month, Tokyopop has finally release Full Metal Panic! Ending Day by Day! And like promised it is in fact the complete arc, encompassing volume 4 and 5. It’s huge and I am very happy to have my copy. If you like Full Metal Panic! or military hijinks and action comedy pick it up now.