Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bosnian Rainbows' First Single: Torn Maps

          Bosnian Rainbows released their first single as band earlier this week: Torn Maps. This song also serves as the first single to their debut album of the same name which is due out this summer. Torn Maps is an electric, noisy, groovy, energetic rock song. You can listen to the song below and buy from it Band Camp for $1: Here.

UPDATE 1 (2/19/13):
Torn Maps might not actually be the name of their debut album. I just assumed. Also, the group released their second single last week: Turtle Neck. Check it out below.

More Music by Bosnian Rainbows

Turtle Neck

On The Run

Elevator Music Can Be Good Music Too Update 12 ~ [1/27/12]

          This is going to be short. I'm going to have to update this again a few days. I'm so late putting this up because my Internet (also land line) have been out for a few days and AT&T fixed it about 3 hours ago.

          First. Elevator Music music is NOT ending! I finish the rough draft of Episode 2's Script: Silence On Radio Monday. It is not below, because I wrote the entity of the script in my notebook and haven't had the time to type in all up. So, expect that in a few days.

          Second. I'm taking a little break from this. Why? The same reason I needed to before. School. This is my last semester and I want to keep it that way. Also, beside my core classes, I'm also taking a screenwriting class with my friend. In that class we have a semester long project--write a full fledged feature length movie script. And it's a lot of work. Working on two big story project at the same time plus all the work for my core class is a bit daunting. I'll post my Script for that up on the blog, so look out for that.

          Third. I still going to work on EM, just slower pace. I want to have an outline for both Episode 3 and 4 done by Update 13, as well as have an improved version of Episode 1 Script, too.

Seeya, next time.

P.S.: Check out Bosnian Rainbows' first single: Torn Maps
        You can buy it for a $1 in the link. It's really good.
        Bosian Rainbows is Omar Rodríguez-López's new project while Mars Volta is on hiatus.

UPDATE 1 (1/31/13): I have finished typing the script. It is in the Google Drive Folder. You can find the links below. Please give it a while and comment on it.

Script for Second Floor (S1E2 - Silence On Radio Monday): Here
Google Drive Folder [On-going; Updated On 1/31/13]

Check Main Page
Check Facebook Group

Next Update: 2/24/13

Best Quote of the Week ~ [1/27/13]

          "Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying."
~Arthur C. Clarke

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Greatest Thank You Video Ever

          Below is a thank you video for a Kickstarter Project I back a little whiles back: The Origin(s) Project: THE REMOUNT, which are Two one-woman shows from the adult adoptee perspective. This thank you video is possibly the Greatest Thank You Video Ever Created. Period. Watch and see why, Little Lambs.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Best Quote of the Week ~ [1/20/13]

          "Effective change is not something you do to people, it’s something you do with them."
~Ken Blanchard and Terry Waghorn (in their book Mission Possible: Becoming A World Class Organization While There's Still Time)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Best Quote of the Week ~ [1/13/13]

          "I believe in intuition and inspiration. At times I feel certain that I am right while not knowing the reason. Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world."
~Albert Einstein

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Best Quote of the Week ~ [1/6/13]

          "Come, walk up, and purchase with avidity, overcome your diffidence and natural timidity!"
~William S. Gilbert

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Virtual Gaia's 2012 Best Quotes of the Year

Amazing things happened this year.
          Just like last year I'm doing my Top Ten Best Quotes of 2012 made up of Virtual Gaia's 2012 weekly Best Quote of the Weeks. There were some really good quotes this year, but let's stop talking about them and have a look below. After the jump is where it'll all begin...
[Disclaimer: Quotes may not have been spoken in 2012 but were put on the site in 2012]