Sunday, December 29, 2013

Best Quote of the Week ~ [12/29/13]

          "Human beings can withstand a week without water, two weeks without food, many years of homelessness, but not loneliness. It is the worst of all tortures, the worst of all sufferings."
~A Quote from Pablo Coelho's Eleven Minutes

Monday, December 23, 2013

Shoy Schot! nui Press Release

          Virtual Gaia Games is proud to introduce Shoy Schot! nui, an electronic card game. The game will release Sunday, December 29th, 2013 to all PC user for free!

          Shoy Schot! is an additive, console-based, strategic card game created in C#. Starting out as a simple minigame about flipping cards and gaining ownership over the game board it soon blossomed into a full fledged card game with a mega ton of customization options and gameplay modes. And now, with Shoy Schot! nui, it has finally reached its ultimate form!

          Shoy Schot! nui retains all the features of the previous release (Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition Version which included (but not limited to): 5 main Rule Sets to play in their own Free Play modes; an Arcade-like mode called Unlimited Deck Mode; a Best Of… Mode to play consecutive matches; a robust Tournament Mode for serious play; 22 Accomplishments to earn; Stats pages that kept over 80 stats; a Personal Rank Card to share and compare with other Shoy Schot! players; 8 profiles for same computer, different persons use; and Virtual Gaia Games Matching!, a completely separate matching minigame.

          New features to Shoy Schot! nui include (but not limited to): a Custom Rule Set Maker, where players can build their own custom Rule Sets; Endless Tower, which is a survival mode; a Score Attack Mode; Arcade Challenges where players can try to conquer all 40 challenges; a single player tournament mode called Arcade Battle Campaign, a Tutorial Mode, where players can learn the basics of the game in a new, more interactive way; a new mini-game called Clementine; 26 more Accomplishments to earn; more Stats; and slew of secrets and tweaks.

          Shoy Schot! nui also marks Virtual Gaia Games’ final game made in this text-based style. Shoy Schot! nui is our swan song to this type of design. While being made in this engine, Shoy Schot! has never been a graphical powerhouse, but we think anyone who has played it in the past has had a lot of fun and we believe Shoy Schot! nui will continue this feat threefold!!

          Again, Shoy Schot! nui is a PC game from Virtual Gaia Games and will be releasing on Sunday, December 29th, 2013. It will be downloadable from: for free when available. We hope you all download and enjoy our game!

Quick Information About Shoy Schot! nui
Game: Shoy Schot! nui
Genre: Electronic Card Game
Platform: Windows PC
Developer: Virtual Gaia Games
Release Date: December 29th 2013
Economical Priced [Read: FREE!]
Download Site:
Game Page:
Facebook Group:
IndieDB Page:

Download a PDF of the Full Press Release: Here

          Check out Shoy Schot! nui Complete Features List after the jump.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Shoy Schot! nui Release Date Announcement

          Hi, Everyone!

          I am proud to announce that Shoy Schot! nui, Virtual Gaia’s much delayed Electronic Card Game, is done and has entered into Final Testing!! I’m even more proud to announce the Release Date of the game: December 29th, 2013. That’s right, Shoy Schot! nui will go live next Sunday for the economical price of FREE!!

          The next thing I want to cover is: What exactly Shoy Schot! nui? I think I’ve alluded to it in the past, but I’ve never formally announced it. After a long (very long) development and many additions that weren’t included in the original scope of the project, Shoy Schot! nui is no longer third version of Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition (SS! SAE) but its own entity. Think of it more like the evolution of SS! SAE, just like SS! SAE was the evolution of the original minigame version of Shoy Schot!

          So, what does that mean? Just that the game grew big enough to warrant a separation. It feels different, it’s noticeable bigger and slicker. That said, Save Data from any previous version of Shoy Schot! is 100% compatible with Shoy Schot! nui. Also, it will retain SS! SAE version numbering and still be released as Version

          A more formal Press Release will be issued a little later that will include more information and a full features list, but until then here is a short list of new features including in the upcoming Shoy Schot! nui:
  • All Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition v2 Features
  •  6 New Game Modes
    • Custom Rule Set
    • Endless Tower
    • Score Attack
    • 40 Arcade Challenges
    • Arcade Battle Campaign
    • Tutorial Mode
  • 26 New Accomplishments to Earn (48 in All!!)
  • Improved, Smarter AI
  • Improved Match Interface
  • A New Mini-Game Added: Clementine
  • The Ability to Create 8 Separate Profiles with each keeping track of their Own Stats, Game Settings, and Accomplishments!!
  • A Slew of Secret to Discover and More!!
          Again, Shoy Schot! nui will release next Sunday, December 29thWhile Shoy Schot! may not be a graphical powerhouse by any means, it's a load of fun! So... Get excited! Tell a friend! The last game of 2013 is Coming Soon!

          Seeya when we release!!

General Information
Game: Shoy Schot! nui
Genre: Electronic Card Game
Platform: Windows PC
Company: Virtual Gaia Games
Release Date: December 29th 2013
Economical Priced [Read: FREE!]
Download Site:
Game Page:
IndieDB Page:

Check out screenshots of the game after the jump or go to our Flickr page: Here.
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Best Quote of the Week ~ [12/22/13]

The Course of Empire: The Savage State by Thomas Cole (1836)

          "West, West! Whitherward point hope and prophet-fingers, whitherward at sunset kneel all worshipers of fire, whitherward in mid-ocean the great whales turn to die, whitherward face all the Moslem dead in Persia, whitherward lie Heaven and Hell!"
~A Passage from Herman Melville's Mardi: And Voyage Thither

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Best Quote of the Week ~ [12/15/13]

          "Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer."
~Filipe Fortes

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Best Quote of the Week ~ [12/8/13]

I couldn't find a bigger picture, but I can do the Frug.
          "Later days."
~The Weekenders from The Weekenders

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Best Quote of the Week ~ [12/1/13]

          "A capacity for going overboard is a requisite for a full-grown mind."
~Dawn Powell