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Shoy Schot! nui Press Release

          Virtual Gaia Games is proud to introduce Shoy Schot! nui, an electronic card game. The game will release Sunday, December 29th, 2013 to all PC user for free!

          Shoy Schot! is an additive, console-based, strategic card game created in C#. Starting out as a simple minigame about flipping cards and gaining ownership over the game board it soon blossomed into a full fledged card game with a mega ton of customization options and gameplay modes. And now, with Shoy Schot! nui, it has finally reached its ultimate form!

          Shoy Schot! nui retains all the features of the previous release (Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition Version which included (but not limited to): 5 main Rule Sets to play in their own Free Play modes; an Arcade-like mode called Unlimited Deck Mode; a Best Of… Mode to play consecutive matches; a robust Tournament Mode for serious play; 22 Accomplishments to earn; Stats pages that kept over 80 stats; a Personal Rank Card to share and compare with other Shoy Schot! players; 8 profiles for same computer, different persons use; and Virtual Gaia Games Matching!, a completely separate matching minigame.

          New features to Shoy Schot! nui include (but not limited to): a Custom Rule Set Maker, where players can build their own custom Rule Sets; Endless Tower, which is a survival mode; a Score Attack Mode; Arcade Challenges where players can try to conquer all 40 challenges; a single player tournament mode called Arcade Battle Campaign, a Tutorial Mode, where players can learn the basics of the game in a new, more interactive way; a new mini-game called Clementine; 26 more Accomplishments to earn; more Stats; and slew of secrets and tweaks.

          Shoy Schot! nui also marks Virtual Gaia Games’ final game made in this text-based style. Shoy Schot! nui is our swan song to this type of design. While being made in this engine, Shoy Schot! has never been a graphical powerhouse, but we think anyone who has played it in the past has had a lot of fun and we believe Shoy Schot! nui will continue this feat threefold!!

          Again, Shoy Schot! nui is a PC game from Virtual Gaia Games and will be releasing on Sunday, December 29th, 2013. It will be downloadable from: for free when available. We hope you all download and enjoy our game!

Quick Information About Shoy Schot! nui
Game: Shoy Schot! nui
Genre: Electronic Card Game
Platform: Windows PC
Developer: Virtual Gaia Games
Release Date: December 29th 2013
Economical Priced [Read: FREE!]
Download Site:
Game Page:
Facebook Group:
IndieDB Page:

Download a PDF of the Full Press Release: Here

          Check out Shoy Schot! nui Complete Features List after the jump.

Complete Features List:
Returning Features
  • All Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition v2 Features
    • World Tour Mode
      • Includes Arizona, Roppongi, Ohio, England, and Yorkshire Free Play Modes
    • Best Of… Mode
    • Unlimited Deck Mode
    • Tournament Mode
    • CPU vs. CPU Modes
    • 22 Accomplishments
      • Shoy Schot!’s Trophy/Achievement System (Not Online-Based)
    • The Mini-Game Virtual Gaia Games Matching!
      • 10 unlockable modes (11 in all)
      • Including 18 Unique Accomplishments to Earn
    • Ability to Create Up to 8 Profiles
      • Each keeping track of their Own Stats
    • Rank Card
      • Including features to share yours with friends and upload and compare theirs
    • Multitude of Customization Option for almost every mode
    • 2 Versions of the Game Deck
      • Classica and Version 2 (add 4 more card types)
    • 3 Different CPU Players to play against
      • Inspiration System (Occasionally plays better—various with level of difficulty)
      • Artificial Error System (Occasionally makes mistakes—various with level of difficulty)
    • 3 Game Boards to Play On
    • Alternative Panel Names (APN) Option
      • For more optimal 2 Player matches
    • 80+ Stats
    • Shortcut System
      • Easily Jump back to the Main Menu
    • Auto-Saving
    • Back-up System Data
      • For when a new update coming out. Back-up your save data and load it into the new version.
    • Cheatcodes
    • Secrets
    • And the rest of the minor and background features
  • World Tour Mode renamed World Tour
    • Moved to first spot on Select Mode Menu
  • Best Of… Mode renamed Two Out Of Three
    • Moved to second spot on Select Mode Menu
  • Unlimited Deck Mode renamed Arcade Free Play
    • Removed from Select Mode Menu
    • Added to The BluMatch Arcade
  • Unlimited Deck renamed Arcade Deck
  • Tournament Mode moved to fifth spot on Select Mode Menu
  • Rule Set Order Change
    • Now Arizona > Roppongi > Ohio > England > Yorkshire
  • Mini-Game: Virtual Gaia Games Matching!
    • Removed from Options Menu
    • Added to The BluMatch Arcade
  • Rank Calculation for Draws back to its original .25
  • Slight change some of the original 22 Accomplishments
  • Improved AI System
    • Smarter and Faster
    • Improved Efficiency 
    • Fixed Slow Down Error
  • Match Interface Improvements
    • Shows the current Rule Set and Hand Rule that is in play
    • Also, shows if one of the Monarch’s Rule is in play or not
  • The Menu system have been overhauled
    • Changed from All Caps to Start Caps to improve readability
    • More than a cosmetic change. The code inside has been rewritten to be more efficient and consistent 
  • Overhauled Match Setup For Most Modes
    • Improved Efficiency 
    • Improved Consistency
  • Two Out Of Three
    • Goes up to Best of 19 matches
    • Can choose whether or not draws will count on the 4x4 Game Board
  • All Hand Rules now follows a standard, recognizable order
  • Standard Deck Builder Tweaks
    • Improved Efficiency 
    • Ability to handle Custom Rule Sets
  • Arcade Deck Builder Overhaul
    • Improved Efficiency 
  • Tournament Mode
    • Now shows Current Score and Round Points in Standings as well as at the completion of a tournament
    • Can now have 8 active Tournaments (1 per Profile)!!
  • The Stats Pages
    • Reformatted to be more orderly
    • Navigation controls added to help with moving along the 4 pages of stats!
  • Overhauled Shortcut System
    • Easily jump to any ‘Main’ Menu (not just THE Main Menu)
    • Improved Efficiency
  • Improved Auto-Saving
    • Improved Efficiency
    • Improved Error Handling
    • Secondary back-up Saving (Can be turned off)
  • Improved Error Handling
    • Improved Efficiency
    • Logs Method Accessed
  • A Mega Ton of Minor Fixes and Additions
New Features/Modes
  • New Logo/ Icon
  • The Ability to Create 8 Separate Profiles with each keeping track of their Own Stats, Game Settings, and Accomplishments!!
  • 26 New Accomplishments to Earn (48 in All!!)
  • 6 Brand New Game Modes
    • Custom Rule Set
      • Create, Share, and Play your and your friends’ custom made Rule Sets!
      • Deck Refill
    • Endless Tower
      • Try to reach the highest floor you can with a limited set of lives or play continuously
      • 3 modes with unique styles of play: Standard, Arcade, and Endless Play
      • Keep A Record of Your Top 20 Highest Floor Reaches (Standard and Arcade only)
    • Score Attack
      • Aim for the highest score against Friends or the CPU
      • View Top 20 Hi-Scores for each category
    • Arcade Challenges
      • Do you have want it takes to complete all 40 challenges 
    • Arcade Battle Campaign
      • Battle through a single-player, 30 Match Tournament. Build and manage your Custom Deck to come out on top!
      • Includes a cool Item System and Scoring System
      • Can have 8 active Campaigns (1 per Profile)!!
    • Tutorial Mode
      • Learn the ropes in Prof. Nomura classroom
      • A More Interactive way to learn the Basics of Shoy Schot!
  • The BluMatch Arcade
    • Want to just mess around without fear of ruining your Performance Stats? Here’s your place. 
  • A New Mini-Game Added: Clementine
    • Want to play an effect-driven, strategic card game? Try this new mini game!
    • Includes the original Prototype Version
  • An Enhanced Port of Still Here After Wednesday Night
    • Play through Virtual Gaia’s story-driven, text-based, horror, adventure game.
    • Choose to Start form either the Main Game or the (previously Hidden) Epilogue
    • Including 33 Unique Accomplishments to Earn
  • Quick Watch Match Mode
    • Makes Matches move along quicker by auto advancing through the CPU’s turn and Chain Reactions (Can be turned on to various levels)
  • New Hand Rules!
    • 7 new Hand Rules Added to the Standard Deck
    • 17 new Hand Rules Added to the Arcade Deck
    • 31 Hand Rules in All!!
  • Even more Stats to go with all the new features
    • Over 120 Stats
  • And A Slew of New Secrets to Find and Discover!!

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