Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie Passes

          Sad news today. At the age of 69, just three days after the release of his latest album, Blackstar (★), and his birthday David Bowie has passed. Truly sad news. David Bowie and his music have become a big part of my life. I loved listening to his albums and learning how they were made and learning about him and sharing those stories with my friends. I give my sincerest wishes to his family. Rest in peace, David Bowie. And thank you.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Virtual Gaia's 2015 Best Quotes of the Year

Time you've been waiting for all year is here, baby!

          The time has now come for the Best Quotes of the Year! 2015! This year's selection was hard to choose, but there are a lot of good quotes this year (10 to be exact) and some truly surprising surprises! 2016 won't be seeing this feature return, but for all those who came each week (or just once and awhile) please enjoy the finality of 2015's quotes! Hit the jump!!
[Disclaimer: Quotes may not have been spoken in 2015 but were the best I heard that year.]