Monday, December 13, 2010

Ending Day By Day!

                                          Finally! The wait is over!

          The fourth (also fifth) volume of the Full Metal Panic! main series of novels is making its way stateside! I've been so deprived of FMP!, but after a two year delay Tokyopop is really ready to release Full Metal Panic! Ending Day By Day. Not only that, but they have smartly decided to combined the fourth and fifth volume into one complete book- meaning this book will cover the full arc. Those who watched the anime will be familiar with this arc as it was the basis for The Second Raid season.
          I've preordered my copy from Borders website. You can't do on Tokyopop's website yet. Even though there is a link there it just takes you to a broken page. Full Metal Panic! Ending Day By Day is by Japanese writer Shoji Gatoh and is scheduled for a February 2011 release.

Visit Tokyopop's FMP! Ending Day By Day page here
Visit Shoji Gatoh's Blog here
Preorder from Borders here

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