Thursday, July 21, 2011

musica es musica: School Food Punishment

School Food Punishment
          School Food Punishment is a Japanese, post-rock, electronica band fronted by Yumi Uchimura. They were formed in 2004 by Uchimura and the current lineup includes Uchimura on guitar, Masayuki Hasuo on keyboard, Hideaki Yamasaki on bass, and Osamu Hidai on drums. The band’s music is characterized by Uchimura’s strong and passionate voice, Hasuo’s great keyboard work, as well as fast and furious guitar riffs and drumming. Their sound is almost always unique and interesting thanks to their use of genre blending. School Food Punishment is constantly mixing rock and pop together with electronica sounds that at times are ambient and at other times more glitch sounding (mostly this). School Food Punishment is a great band that makes great music and if you have the time definitely give them a listen.

Yumi Uchimura

          They are currently signed with Sony Music Japan's Epic Records Japan record label. To date they have released five albums, including EP’s: school food is good food (April 4, 2007), air feel, color swim (November 21, 2007), Riff-rain (December 10, 2008/January 14, 2009 ~ My personal favorite), amp-reflection (April 14, 2010), and Prog-Roid (July 13, 2011). Their single ‘futuristic imagination’ was used as the ending theme to the excellent Eden of the East anime. Light prayer was used as the main theme for the first movie, The King of Eden, and future nova/after laughter were used as the opening and ending themes of the next film, Paradise Lost, respectively.

Eden of the East (The King of Eden)

          I’ve provided a few songs and more pictures after the jump. 

~The Videos~
Ukabi Agaru from the album school food is good food

you may crawl from the album air feel, color swim

feedback from the album Riff-rain

futuristic imagination from the album amp-reflection

RPG from the album Prog-Roid

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