Monday, June 4, 2012

E3 2012 Start

          Today is the first day of E3 2012 (June 4-7). I'm not covering E3, but I will provide places that are. Also, I will put the schedule below. Also, I started posting my favorite trailers and videos below after the jump.

June 4:
  • Microsoft 9:30am PST/12:30 EST Okay
  • Electronic Arts 1pm PST/4pm EST Meh
  • Ubisoft 3pm PST/6pm EST Amazing
  • Sony 6pm PST/9pm EST Okay
          The first day was good overall if not especially great. Check out some of the favorite trailers and demos below. What did you think? Leave a comment below.

June 5:
  • Nintendo 9am PST/12pm EST Good
  • Floor Opens 12pm PST/3pm EST
ScrewAttack is Streaming All the Conferences
Gametrailers is streaming and achieving everything
Gamesradar is Livestreaming everything
GameSpot has partnered with the Official E3 site to you complete up-to-date coverage
Gematsu is doing a great job post new trailers and get information quickly
IGN is covering the conferences as well
Sony's Own Stream
Nintendo's Own Stream
EA's Own Stream

I'll update more later. Conferences are over, now news.
I'm going to post some of my favorite trailers/videos. See them after the jump.

New Resident Evil 6 Trailer

New DMC Trailer

New Tomb Raider Trailer

New Assassin’s Creed III Trailer

Assassin’s Creed III Demo

Watch Dogs Introduction Trailer

Watch Dogs Demo

The Last Of Us Demo

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Trailer

Beyond: Two Souls Debut

Rayman Legends Demo

New Persona 4 Golden Trailer

New Persona 4 Arena Trailer

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo

Tokyo Jungle Trailer

Square-Enix's Agni's Philosophy Real Time Tech Demo

Beyond : Two Souls 24 Minute Demo

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