Friday, March 4, 2011

Finally Finished: Polishing and Contest Holding

            Hey, guys, Vahsol here. I’ve done it- I finally- become- a summoner. I’ve finished writing the story and heading into the polishing phase. But that’s not all that important. What is, is I’m now officially announcing the reference contest for the story. Here’s the quick version: The story is packed with references to movies, music, games, and a few other things. The person who correctly gives me the most references wins the big prize. To send me the reference simply sent them to my e-mail with ‘Reference Contest’ in the subject line. Include your name. Don’t put answers in the comment. That’s it in a nutshell. For more detail please refer the complet rundown after the break (Also, screw these editing tools).

Complete Rundown
            I’ve been writing this story for awhile, it is the second episode of Castella In Theory, a series of short stories. I started Castella for two main reasons. First to get back into writing and try to better my writing and second, I wanted to write this on this concept I thought was cool. With this story, the second episode, I’m going to be doing a reference contest. I’m putting a lot of references to different stuff in this story and whoever gets the most wins the prize. The references range from easy to hard, subtle to obvious, and are from games, movies, music, internet stuff, etc.
            Why? I wanted to try to write a story with some references in it. Originally I was going to be some many and the contest wasn’t going to so big, things change, things grow.
            What type of story is it? Let’s call it a character drama about a delinquent high school kid bored out of his mind.
            Polishing: Story is fully written. Now in polishing and editing phase.
            Timeframe: Overdue by 10 month.
            Length: My God! Exactly 30 pages over it’s original ten page max.
            Quality: Kind of crappy with some good parts, some great parts; needs a lot of polishing. Doing                               quality control now and have been always.
Release Date
            Spring 2011
            The story will be posted in various forms on my blog: I will also make a facebook Note page just to provide a link to the page and another place to put up comments. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t like it.
Prize List
1st Prize
1.      230+ Full Mp3 Albums + Extra Music [I made a guide of the albums]
2.      The Complete Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Radio Drama
3.      Almost all Japanesepod101 podcasts! Learn Japanese!
4.      Haruki Marukami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Audiobook
5.      The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Audiobook + First Listen
6.      Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Darian Gray Audiobook
7.      Shunji Iwai’s Swallowtail Butterfly + (Maybe another Movie)
8.      A Playstation Game!?
9.      Lewis Black’s The Carnegie Hall Performance Mp3 Album
10.  Mitch Hedberg’s Strategic Grill Location Mp3 Album
11.  Super Secret Special Optional Gift
2nd Prize
·         1 (Between 100 and 200 albums)
·         4 or 5 or 6
·         7
·         9
·         10
·         11 Depends
3rd Prize
·         1 (Between 50and 100 albums)
·         9
·         10
·         Depends
            Pretty cool, right? Let just hope I truly finish and it doesn’t suck. Also, check out the album guide- I’m completely serious. Everything going to burn on DVD’s and mailed out. The only things that will slow the process is me taking forever with the polishing and running out of DVD’s.

Complete Rundown in Picture Form

Contest Album Guide

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