Friday, September 2, 2011

Castella In Theory 3: Self-Righteous Suicide

          Hey, guys, I just finished the third story of Castella in Theory: Self-Righteous Suicide (in just under 2 weeks. Only 11 days!), it's a continuation of the first story. It takes two months after Ecila's passing and is about how Greg is dealing or not dealing with her death. I don't think that summary quite fits, but it's okay. Please read and comment! Hope you enjoy. The link for the story is below.

          I'm so glad I now know I can write a full story in less than 14 months or even less than a month! The first story actually took 30 days to complete. Fun fact: this story was originally going to be the second story, but I was having a lot of trouble writing the opening scene and had just come up with some ideas for the current second story and thought that that story was going to be an easier write. Wrong! Anyway, here's the third story.

This story can be surreal at times--this is just the picture to use
Read Here> Castella In Theory 3: Self-Righteous Suicide [It's only 12 pages]
(Click to read; right click and save as to download.)
P.S.: If there are any mistakes, let me know and I'll fix them.

UPDATE 1 (9/3/11): Minor fixes added.

UPDATE 2 (10/23/11): Added a little to the ending. It feels more complete now.

UPDATE 3 (10/26/11): Minor fixes to format and story.

UPDATE 4 (11/26/11): Minor fixes and tweaks to story. Plus a random picture added!

UPDATE 5 (2/29/12):  Minor fixes.

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