Friday, November 25, 2011

Still Here, After Wednesday Night (Beta) Update 3

          Hey, everybody, great news! I got the save feature to work and spent several hours getting all the bugs out and making sure everything was actually saved! On top of that, I added a good amount of little fixes and feature to the game. I'm going to take down the old versions and upload these new ones. Again I'm putting two different styles, because I like choice: An actual program file (recommended one--also more awesome one) and a straight console file. How to make it work is exactly the same as how I said on the other post HERE. Refer to that post if you forgot. All files are zipped.
          I still need someone to beta-test the puzzle difficult--so download (though not on you phone *smile*), play, have fun, leave comments.
          Mata ne.

UPDATE 1 (11/28/11): Added Continue option after dying, a few minor fixes, as well as some minor additions. Enjoy. (P.S. Only the program file has been updated)

Still Here, After Wednesday Night (Beta) [11-28-2011].rar (201.15KB) [Recommended-->Updated]
Still Here, After Wednesday Night (Beta) Straight Console File [11-25-2011].rar (139.07KB)

Can you solve everything?

This album gets better with every listen.
This video is really cool. The Red Hot Chili Peppers always have cool videos.

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