Friday, April 13, 2012

Still Here After Wednesday Night - QA Testers Wanted!

          I need a favor, I need some help. I just finished my text-based adventure game, ‘Still Here After Wednesday Night’. I finished the game up a day or two ago and I put in the last features a few hours ago. Now, I need help playtesting—looking for glitches, finding any lingering spelling/grammar errors, etc. Anyone who helps will be listed in the credits either as a ‘Quality Assurance Tester/Beta Tester’ (if only one person) or under ‘Quality Assurance Team’ (if many). Let me know if you would like to help me out. Just leave a message here.

          I spent the bulk of my time working on the Epilogue, so if you think the Main Game is okay, still try to unlock the Epilogue. Time Frame: Main Game = 3 to 7 weeks; Epilogue = 4 to 5 months

UPDATE 1 (7/14/12): I no longer need testers for this. I've been done for awhile and forgot to update this page. Thank you if you were a tester on the game. The current version is, which you can download for free: Here. Enjoy.

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