Friday, July 27, 2012

Elevator Music Video Update 1 ~ [7/27/12]

          Sorry for the spasiness on the video. My digital camera doesn't allow my to see myself when recording. Also, I recorded at 2am this morning before I went to bed.

          This is video is just a short update of what I've been doing with Elevator Music since summer began. I future videos I plan to talk about the story, themes, characters, plans in-depth, but this is just a first go. Finally, I updated the script to include the next scene. It's very rough. Hopeful I can start making everything more swiftly. Thanks for listening.

          You'll find all future updates on Virtual Gaia Projects.

Script for First Floor (Season 1; Episode 1 - Pilot) [Partial-7/27/12]: Here

OLD UPDATE (7/7/12): I'm almost done with the update for Still Here After Wednesday Night and will go back to working fully on this project. I've actually started writing something everyday for about 3 weeks now. I broke through my writer's block (or really the awkwardness of as like I said a few times I have been had the major points of the story down). Sorry for all the Radio Silence. Also, feel free to contact me or comment below. Lastly, when I do make an update it will be on the front page in a post as posting here is getting really cluttered.

More Info Soon... Sorry for that lack of updates. I've have been working on it, but I realized I need to do some more preproduction with the story (not so much story as I that down, but the characters). I've been writing a daily at least something. I'm trying to organize all the ideas in my head. I'll try to get around to doing weekly updates. I'm a little busy with the new update for Still Here After Wednesday Night right now. So, maybe I'll start weekly updating next week.

Background Music: Sell This Thing by Benzos

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