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Current State Of My Projects

This has nothing to do with my projects but it looks nice.

          This is a list of my current projects and their statuses. I was originally going to put this post on Projects but since I'm talking about all my project I decided to throw it up on the main site. It's mostly for me but I wanted have full disclosure of my projects. See them after the jump.

UPDATE 1 (5/4/13): Added a project I forgot about. Some status updates.

1) Project Justice (Main Project #2)
Status: On Indefinite Hiatus
Description: The second of what I called a Main Project and the first truly big project I ever worked. It's a story/game project. This is probably my biggest and most ambitious project.
Reason: I've been working on this project for a long time and then I needed to do something else, something different. I was seriously working on this project for years and I had made a rule that I wouldn't start another story until I completely it. Before I would just come up with an idea for a story and run with it for a few weeks, drop it, and start another; then I came to this and really love the story and characters and needed to just work on this, but like I said it really is huge and I was doing it for years--I started to stagnant when it came to creating ideas for new stories. I will come back to this project--in my mind its my magnum opus.

2) Project Sin (Main Project #3)
Status: On Indefinite Hiatus
Description: My story about sin. Very dark and mature themes.
Reason: It's mostly still in conceptualization phrase. It's another big project that I really need a lot of solo time to work on.

3) Castella In Theory
Status: On Hiatus/On-going
Description: An series of short stories involving the people of the fictitious US town of Castella (not just the school).
Reason: This is on break because it took way too long for me to write them. Originally, the point was that these stories were writing quickly-weeks not months. Plus I was really wanting to work on Elevator Music. Then school.
Link To Project

4) Elevator Music Can Be Good Music Too
Status: Resumed/Slow
Description: An scripting project for an audio drama that follows a man named Neil Nomura who converted an elevator at work into a transdimensional traveling device and uses it to go to perpendicular dimensions (not parallel).
Reason: Because of school, mostly, and because of the production problem I was having. I really need to do some more solid world building and characterization before I jump into it again. I have resumed work on this but it been slow.
Link To Project

5) One Sheet Stories
Status: Special
Description: Random short stories that are one sheet or less long.
Reason: These are one shots that I do every so often.
Link To Project

6) musica es musica
Status: On Indefinite Hiatus/Reworking
Description: A project where I look at various music, albums, and artists.
Reason: This has been on hiatus because I sucked at the old written format. I want to retool it to a video format where me and a friend or two do a round table discussion of an artist or album or song. We'll give the history and our thoughts. Something like that.
Link To Project

7) Best Quote of the Week
Status: Weekly Update
Description: The best quotes that I find/hear/see that week along with a picture.
Reason: School, but its so easy to do it may come back sooner than later.
          It returns May 5th.
Link To Project

8) Still Here After Wednesday Night
Status: Done
Description: A text-based, horror themed adventure game. Started out as a test--as a way to get better at programming. It worked. This project is done.
Link To Project

9) Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition (Version
Status: Done
Description: An update for Shoy Schot!, an addictive strategy-based card game. I made this Update when my friend and fellow programmer Justin (over at asked if I wanted it in a project that he's working on.
          It adds a random button to all mode except Tournament Mode and fixed a long unfixed problem: When a player accidentally (or intentionally) chooses to place a card where there is already a card, the game would tell the player that a card is already there and SHOULD only send them back to the choose panel field but instead it send them back to the choose card field. Not a bad error, but annoy as hell and a bit confusing to new players. Fixed. Also, includes some other minor fixes and additions (as always). Now includes the addition of having up to 8 profiles.
          The one I sent Justin is an early version of the Update--the finished version has a few minor tweaks over it.
Reason: The reason I haven't released Version is: 1) I want to give Justin's project a sort of exclusive timed release. 2) It's a real pain putting up updates the way I handle them especially when its just a small update.
          This will officially be the last release for the Version 2 series. Released.
Link To Project

10) Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition nui (Version 3.x.x.x)

Status: Beta
Description: The next major release of Shoy Schot! christined (work joke)  'nui (version 3.x.x.x)'. It's only a concept that I've been playing around with in my head. I'm not going to do it unless there's interest--wouldn't be worth it otherwise. My wishlist features include:
  • Up to 8 Profiles (technically done)
  • More Accomplishments
  • World Tour Mode moved up to the first spot to highlight it as the main mode
    • Arizona moved up to the first spot for the same reason
  • Unlimited Deck Mode becomes Arcade Mode
    • 3 Modes within
      • Unlimited Free Play Mode (the original mode)
      • Score Attack
      • Trails 
    • Arcade mode won't count toward performance stats, only misc. stats
  • Advanced CPU Player: Kaori Added
    • Male counterpart CPU Player: Neil
  • General AI tweaks
  • Unlimited Deck Build overhaul (this is internal coding stuff--this is only meaningful to me)
  • Best Of... Mode become Two out of Three
    • Increase Best Of setting to 19
    • Setting to make draws count or not count
  • Endless Tower Mode (Survival Mode)
  • Interactive Tutorial Mode
  • Non-shared Game Settings between Profiles
  • Ability to Reset Stats
  • Non-shared Accomplishments (This is the most likely to be cut)
Reason: The reason it's a just a concept is because it's a lot of work and if I'm going to be the only one playing then I'd rather do a Unity project with real graphics and sound (beautiful sound)!
          I couldn't help but work on it, especially since the structure is already there and it is really easy to add things in, even more so since my first task with nui was to make the code more efficient. It still may not be released. It's just something I'm working on when I can't get to sleep--which is why it coming long so far.
Link To Project

11) The Virtual Gaia Blogs
Status: Lite Work
Description: My network of blogs--This!
Reason: Mostly school and because I mainly started my blog as distribution service for Castella 2 not really news and other stuff. Obviously,  things changed and now it's outlet for my but I have to slow down and or on more important things. I resumed updating the blog, but its lite work as usual.
Link to Virtual Gaia
Link to Virtual Gaia Games
Link to Virtual Gaia Projects

12) The Apartment
Status: On Hiatus/On-going
Description: A random short story I wrote and put up on Projects.
Reason: It was something I wrote one afternoon and I forgot about until I started writing this post.
Link To Project

13) The Round Man With His Red Tie
Status: On Hiatus/On-going
Description: Another random short story. It was a fun exercise in R.
Reason: Just a fun little exercise. If I have some free time I've add another paragraph.
Link To Project

14) Milk Monday Afternoon
Status: Conceptualization
Description: A novel I write to write. It's a dark comedy that stars a girl who decides if her suicide attempt fails she not try it again and find a meaning for her life. She fails at it and decides to start living.
Reason: This is a concept that I work from time to time. It's not a top priority and just sort of a 'when I have free time' project.

15) 129 Days of Hell and Change (Days of Monochrome)
Status: Conceptualization
Description: A story about war and revolution that I recently started thinking up concepts for this last weekend.

16) Project 6-68

Status: Reworking/Hold
Description: This is a project I started to help me learn Unity3D much like 'Still Here...' was made to help me learn programming.
Reason: I'm reworking my original concept because: 1) Unlike with programming and 'Still Here...' I actually had somewhat of a solid foundation. 2) My original plan was crazy and went out of scope. 3) I'm not scrapping my story stuff just rearranging it and making it smaller to help it be easier to build and fit within my original concept and also to fit my level of skill. It's on hold while I go through some Unity tutorials.
Link To Project

17) Unity3D Tutorials
Status: On-going
Description: Tutorials for Unity3D, a 3D gaming engine.
Reason: This is going pretty well. School comes first. I finished the Lerpz Tutorial I was working on. The other tutorial are more geared to learning specific tasks, so I need to start working on a small project.

18) 3ds Max Tutorials
Status: On-going/Slow
Description: Tutorials for 3ds Max, a 3D modeling tool.
Reason: I'm switching between Unity lessons and 3ds Max lessons. Right now I'm do Unity stuff. It's too much to do them both at once.

19) Japanese Lessons
Status: On-going/Very Slow
Description: Lessons for learning Japanese.
Reason: Learning a new language is hard. I just need to work harder at it, I've been slacking off.

20) The Tale of the Brothers Ettori and the Paths They Took
Status: Conceptualization
Description: A long children story (book or series of stories) about two brothers and their adventures on the the Flying Mechanical Whale, Lowell O'well and their lives afterwards. The story was conceived about two weeks before the first Four Days Of Short Stories. The short story Lowell O’well, the Flying Mechanical Whale (my weakest story I wrote for Four Day and the only one I originally conceived outside the 4 days--go figure), was made using the few details I had put together of the story at that time.
          The theme of the story is choice and making choices. The younger brother and main character, Luc, theme specifically being about him learning to make his own choices and not hide behind the choices of others; and Lyle, the older brother's theme being about the cautions of making bad choices.
Reason: After writing the short story, Lowell O'well, I decided if I was really going to do this story that I would need to time to fully iron out details and have a decent amount of time to work on it. Lowell O'well was a really less than ideal pilot of what should have been a nice little sample and backstory of what would come.
          This story's title should also incorporate the Whale since it is a big part of the story. In my original plan the story is broken into three parts and the first two parts are with the the Lowell O'well and its denizens. Maybe something like: The Brothers Ettori and Their Adventures Aboard the Flying Mechanical Whale, Lowell O’well (Too long?).

Last Updated: 5/23/13

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