Sunday, February 8, 2015

Story/Site Plans for 2015

Currently replaying ~ It's still so amazing!!

          Hi Everyone.

          If you're reading this, thank you so much for visiting my blog after a long silence. I've got a lot of plans for 2015 and some of them involve my blog network. I've never been much of a blogger--writing random articles or talking about my personal on goings. I've occasionally dabbled in that stuff to various degrees of success and interest: Best Quote of the Week (Good), Reviews (Bad), and News (Ugly). But the bread and butter, the true core of these blogs have always been about being a place to easier display my projects--be that stories, games, pictures, etc. This year, or rather December of last, I made some resolutions projects-wise. Which in turn means more life here, if least a little.

          The first and biggest of them is: Dance of the Wanderers. A 15 episode (+ 1 Pilot) series. The Pilot and its insane schedule of our already completed. Check it out!
          "Kathleen's idea of home quickly falls to pieces after she lose her job to the Islands' new security robots, loses her apartment thanks to an out-of-control robot, and is cursed, by one of the Island's Spirits, Noella the Mother, to sink the Islands into the sea. Together with her friend, Lalla, she'll have to break the curse or leave the Illamiraila Islands, her home, forever."
          Next, is the Pilot Project. Inspired by the Dance of the Wanderers Pilot episode, the Pilot Project is basically me writing a number of Pilots for some of the stories I have ideas for. This way while I'm working on Wanderers, I can show off other stories I want to create in the future. It always, always sucks telling a friend about a story you won't have anything finished for for months and months. This way, I have a Pilot. Also, its good for when I go back to that project; I'll have a rough guide of what the project was about. The Initial Phase (2015) of the Pilot Project will include 6 Pilots:

  1. Luciforms (Horror)
  2. daybreak psychosis (Horror)
  3. Beating Drum 11 (Adventure/Drama)
  4. Dance of the Wanderers: Revisited (Comedy)
  5. Law ≠ Justice (Old Project ~ Adventure/Drama)
  6. Untitled 2015 Story (Drama)

           + 2 extras:

  1. Elevator Music (Reworking the original Pilot/ Older Project ~ Comedy/Drama)
  2. Nil Gardenia (Drama)

          if I have time.

          Finally, I want to write 30 very short stories (stories, poems, abstracts, etc) by the end of the year. Probably 4 pages or less long. These will be post on the Projects' site (mostly everything will).

          And that's it. Site-wise & story-wise those are my plans for 2015.

          Seeya in the future.

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