Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend Theater: Croton Falls and XOXOSMS

I need to invest in Photoshop
          Hey, guys, welcome to first edition of Weekend Theater, something that probably won't happen again for a long while. Anyway, about a year ago I backed a few short films on Kickstarter  and two them are finished and and doing a full streaming this weekend. The first one is Croton Falls by Joseph Marconi, video and description below, and the other one is XOXOSMS by Nancy Schwartzman. XOXOSMS is having free full preview of the movie on their website here only for this weekend! Go watch it them both and support the filmmakers, cast, and crew!

          Description: In the near future during the bleak winter of 2015 mankind is discovering that the mind is evolving… people are experiencing and manipulating their realities through a communal shared consciousness. Will Kent awakes on a train headed upstate New York to his hometown of Croton Falls. After his fiancé leaves him and his writing career tailspins he leaves New York City to reconcile with his emotions and restore some sense of purpose to his life. But after reconnecting with his parents and some old friends he finds his reality slowly unraveling blurring the lines between the real and the imaginary. And as Will fights to hold on to his sanity a disturbing truth begins to emerge.

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