Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Girl And A Tiny Portal Need Our Help

Meet Fern. She needs our help.
          A Tiny Portal is a wonderful short film project that needs our help to get fund. The story is about a shy girl named Fern who has a lot of trouble connecting with people. She tries and tries, but her efforts never go right. However, she receives a mysterious gift from her elderly neighbors that allow her to travel through secret portals. Will this gift be Fern's way to reach out to the world around her? Maybe? But there's a problem. Fern's story will never be completed without our help. 

          Stephanie Gumpel is the director and writer of this short film. She has brought together amazing talent to help ensure this will be highly successful and enjoyable. The crew crew includes composer Perrin Cloutier of the band Beirut, Ann Benson from NBC's hit Betty White's Off Their Rockers, Richard Riehle who has been in over 200 film including the The Fugitive, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and classic Office Space, as well as others.

          This project is currently listed on Kickstarter trying to reach it's goal of $12,500. $7,044 of that has already been pledged. It has 5 more days to reach its goal. Be apart of this great film project and get cool rewards for your pledge. Please help this film and Fern connect with the world! For more information on the film visit their Kickstarter Page.

          For those of you who have never used Kickstarter before this is how it works. You pledge a certain dollar amount to a project and if that project makes its goal by the set time frame it gets funded by us. Also, you'll get rewards from the project creators based on your pledge amount. If the project doesn't reach its goal then all the pledges are returned to the backers, the project fall through for now, and the backer don't receive any rewards. For more details visit

          In case your wondering. I pledged $75 to this project have been backer of over 25 different Kickstarter projects since 2009.

Go to A Tiny Portal's Kickstarter Page: Here
Visit  A Tiny Portal's Facebook Page: Here
Visit A Tiny Portal's Tumblr Page: Here

Check this Behind-the-scene video of A Tiny Portal

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