Sunday, September 9, 2012

Elevator Music Video Update 7 ~ [9/9/12]

          Sorry I didn't have the video part of the video update up last week. It's been very hectic since school started. The good thing is that I done coding Still Here After Wednesday Night version, this means I have more free time however that free time will be mostly used for school until I get everything in order. No Script update this week, but expect one next Sunday. Seeya then.

Undertow by Ivy from the album Long Distance

          Another thing. Check out this post from the Main Site if you haven't already: A Girl And A Tiny Portal Need Our Help. It a really unique and interesting film project that is trying to get Kickstarted. It's almost at its goal (and end of its time) but they need our help. Check it.

Script for First Floor (Season 1; Episode 1 - Pilot) [Partial-9/3/12]Here

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Next Update: Sunday 9/16/12

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