Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Four Days Of Short Stories I

Picture by Morfex

          Four Days Of Short Stories is writing exercise/event I'm doing this weekend (Friday, Nov. 2 - Monday, Nov. 5) where I write an original short story everyday for four days. I'm going to post them here, in this post, and also here. I do not promise that the stories will good, just that they will be written in a day. The idea is to quickly come up with an original concept and run with, to experiment, and try out new styles. It's a learning and experimenting exercise.

          Also, anyone is welcome to write stories along with me and post them here as well; even if they cannot write all four days. If you plan on doing so please follow the few guidelines.
  • An original unused concept (ideas you'll had but haven't written are fine)
  • No sequels/prequels/continuations to any of your old/current stories
  • Experiment
  • Try to make it a full stand-alone story
  • Must be posted by 11:59 PM of that day
  • Have fun!
          Also, the stories should be between 1-4 pages (to be manageable) be can be longer. There isn't any set theme or motif, but if you're having trouble coming up with a story idea try this: The theme of boredom or try making the boring or ordinary event you can think of unique or strange.

          Lastly, note that it says Four Days Of Short Stories 'I,' I may do this again if this first one goes well. I'm doing this to improve my own writing ability and to get myself run with concepts less stressfully and to writing quicker (looking at you Elevator Music).

UPDATE 1 (11/2/12): Day 1 Story added below. Read it in all its unedited glory!

UPDATE 2 (11/3/12): Day 2 Story added below.

UPDATE 3 (11/4/12): Day 3 Story added below.

UPDATE 4 (11/5/12): Day 4 Story, the final story, added below.

UPDATE 5 (11/6/12): Day 0 Test Story added.

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