Sunday, October 28, 2012

Elevator Music Can Be Good Music Too [Update 9 ~ 10/28/12]

          Hey, guys. It's been awhile, huh? At least for Elevator Music after a bit of a hiatus. No video this update, but the Script has been updated from last month. It's still not complete. Progress has been slow because of school and me working on other projects. Expect progress to continue slow as school is my priority, but it will be finish prior to the new year. I promise. Hopeful by the next update.

          Speaking of the next update, I'll going to continue this format of writing more and have no video. Also, I think doing a month instead of weekly schedule for these updates makes more sense giving the slow progress. The next update will be at the end of November.

          So, what's been happening with Elevator Music the past month in terms progress? Actually more than you would think giving the break. The script has been giving a number of minor fixes as well as have scene 3 rewritten and so smoother transitions added in. On the non-physical side, some characters been more clearly defined. Neil is down. I took a look at some of the stories themes and am making sure they are well represented in the season and story overall. Changed, given, and/or built upon character themes. Season 1 is still giving me trouble, but a lot of thing a clear now. Now I need to focus on finishing episode 1.

          The Script is right below. Please take a look and comment. See you next time.

Script for First Floor (Season 1; Episode 1 - Pilot) [Partial-10/28/12]Here
Song List [Partial-10/28/12]: Here

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Next Update: Sunday 11/25/12

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