Thursday, May 24, 2012

Site News + The Plan: Elevator Music

          Okay, I'm going to be working on a new project this summer called, Elevator Music, more info here, but here is my work plan for it in the next two paragraphs. Also, I'm learning to program a game in Unity3D, see my progress here. Lastly, I messed around with live streaming and found out it's mostly too much for my computer to handle, but I may use it again in the future (I don't have a mic or camera that can connect to live stream services so it will be interesting to try for real).

          My with working on Elevator Music is starting doing daily 1 hour free writing sessions. This will help me keep a consist work pace. Also, this should help me do the next three things faster: Finish giving everyone a name; finish writing the detailed season outline (I pretty have the general outline complete in my head and a detailed outline of episode 1 done. Also more general outlines of seasons 2-5 in my head); finish writing the first script. After that on to episode 2 and so on to episode 6. Then normal polishing and editing and I will like to pass the script around and see what others think of it. Maybe some more polishing and editing after that. This is my plan for now.

          I’m also thinking about probably doing weekly video updates, but sides the on-going pilot I kinda want the story to be a surprise until I finish that writing that episode. So, what would I talk about? I’m thinking about it. I’ll see.


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