Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Story Update 4: Castella In Theory: Ep2 The Worst Of Derek Russell

          Hey, guys, great news. The story is almost done. I finished the last step of PEP I which was rereading and very good new: all my polishing and editing went well. It read pretty well. I actually did most of PEP II as well today (mostly formatting and edits). So, all I have to do is reread it again and then I'm putting it up. That will most likely be next week as I am going out of town tomorrow for a company trip.
          The story is the second episode of Castella In Theory: The Worst of Derek Russell - We Always But We Never. It will be in PDF format.
          In other news, the reference contest for the story is still on but the prizes will most likely be giving out after summer unless you can get to my house with blank DVD's (4 to 8). There are a whopping 82 references (maybe more) in the story, so have at you.
          Lastly, please read it, comment (good or bad ~ they all help), if you like it tell friends to read it. Also, after I'm done, I'm taking a break from Castella and going to work on my older stories projects (will not be on the blog ~ sorry) and work and also a new project that will be on the site: Project Enigma (!?).

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