Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Castella In Theory 2: The Worst Of Derek Russell

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          Kept you waiting, huh? Well, 14 months later I am finally done with the second story in Castella In Theory: The Worst Of Derek Russell (We Always But We Never). The story is a 44 page character drama about high school delinquent Derek Russell. The format is PDF. Please comment on it, good or bad. If you like it tell a friend. If there are still any lingering grammatical errors (which there are most likely one or two) please tell me and I will fix it and put up a revised PDF. Thank you, God bless, I can’t believe I’m done, please read and enjoy! The file is below. Hit the jump!

UPDATE 1 (6/23/11): The site that host the PDF. file is currently down. Sorry. I'm looking for a solution.

UPDATE 2: I put the story up on Wordpress (with added fixes) Click the Solution!> link to read or download.

UPDATE 3 (6/27/11): Apparently 250free.com is gone for good, so the first link is also gone for good as well as several other things I put up that were stored on that site. Good news, I already put up the Wordpress link, so I'm just going to delete the other one so there won't be any confusion. Also, I'm putting up the PDF. versions of the first story, Follow My Lead, here too! Fixes have been added, though I purposely kept one mistake. Find them right under the new story's link.

UPDATE 4: Just to show you guys how far the story has come and how much I did in polishing and editing I'm uploading the horrible Tenth Draft. This is what I based PEP I on.

UPDATE 5 (6/28/11): I added a slew of fixes to the story today, so I am re-uploading it. The Solution!> link is now new and improved.

UPDATE 6 (9/2/11): The contest is over.

UPDATE 7 (10/26/11): Minor fixes to format and story.

UPDATE 8 (11/11/11): Minor fixes.

UPDATE 9 (2/29/12):  Minor fixes.

UPDATE 10 (3/5/12):  Added download links to the soundtrack.

UPDATE 11 (11/16/12): Printed, softcover book version now available! Click here.

UPDATE 12 (5/10/13): The Soundtrack had to be taken down.

Solution!> Castella In Theory 2: The Worst Of Derek Russell. Right click and save as to download and left click to read. (Crude/Explicit Language and Drug Use)

Bonus #2!: Castella In Theory 1: Follow My Lead. Dark Comedy.

          The reference contest is still a go, but like I said in a previous post, I won’t be giving out the prizes until school starts, because I have run out of blank DVD’s. However, if you don’t mind sending me 4-8 blank DVD’s (depending on rank 1st, 2nd, or 3rd) I can mail it to you or if you know I live I can give it you. Otherwise, late August. I have no idea how long I’ll let the contest run for. It will depend on how many people read the story. There are over 80 references in all. DO NOT put answers in the comment. Send them to my e-mail at: agncolem@aol.com with the subject line 'Castella 2 Reference Contest.'
          The contest is over.

          Again, I hope you guys like it. It’s a bit crude and dark, though. Please commit. The next Castella will NOT be dark and also a lot shorter! I’m taking a break from Castella for a while, too. 14 months, man. Wow. I’m done.

This v also has nothing to do with that ^
But it's a really nice picture

          I forgot to do this when I finished writing the story. I must always say this when I finish something big! (This was so big I forgot to do it): I have- become- a summoner.

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