Friday, November 16, 2012

I've Been Published...

          Sort of. Castella In Theory: The Worst Of Derek Russell (We Always But We Never) has been turn into a printed book thanks to the brilliant guys and gals over at! Blurb allows people to publish myriad types of books from photo books to novel and more with various options on paper, covers, sizes, and the like. A really great site for up-in-coming writers or oldhands. allow content creators to keep full rights to their works as well! Found here and here. And you can also sell your book in their bookstore and earn profit off it! It's free to join and add stuff so give it a try!

          That said you purchase a physical copy of Castella In Theory: The Worst Of Derek Russell (We Always But We Never) here for only $8.45 (softcover)The Worst of Derek Russell is a character drama about high school delinquent Derek Russell trying to manage through the all the boredom and problems of his life through music, drugs, and sarcasms. The story is divided into to two parts, with the first half opting for a dialog/monologue-only style and the second half in a more traditional style.

Buy: Castella In Theory: The Worst Of Derek Russell
  • 52 page
  • 6x9 inches (15x23 cm)
  • Softcover Price: $8.45
  • Hardcover, Dust Jacket Price: $22.45
  • Hardcover, ImageWrap Price: $23.45
  • Warning: Crude/Explicit Language and Drug Use

P.S.: You can still download a the pdf version of the story from my blog here or find the other Castella In Theory stories archived here.

UPDATE 1 (11/23/12): My book came today! In retrospect, I should've moved the title to the center of cover or used the above picture. Just a horrible use of space right there, well, next time. I've added pics below.

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