Friday, December 2, 2011

Still Here, After Wednesday Night (Beta) Update 4

My game is an old school adventure with hopefully the fell of classic
Silent Hill or Resident Evil (on a very small scale).
          I added a huge redesign to the game's save/load/continue system today! Not only can you make multiple save files, but you can also delete them within the game. On top of that, the whole save/load interface (if you can called it that) is snazzier and hopefully user-friendly. Other than that, there are some small changes and additions. I haven't yet extensively tested out the save/load/continue system, but I'm still pretty confident I got all the bugs out. This game is still a Beta as there is one more HUGE special feature I want to add. It's going to take little while to do and I have finals coming up, so maybe when I start my break. The links to download the files are below. I've added pictures of my game after the jump.

UPDATE 1 (12/5/11): Added in-game loading, a few minor fixes, as well as some minor additions and some more pictures below. Enjoy. (P.S. Only the program file has been updated)

UPDATE 2 (7/14/12): The game is no longer in Beta. The current version is, which you can download for free: Here. Enjoy.

Still Here, After Wednesday Night (Beta) [12-05-2011].rar (202.32kb) [Recommended-->Updated]
Still Here, After Wednesday Night (Beta) Straight Console File [12-02-2011].rar (62.11kb)

Sickness Unto Foolish Death by Akira Yamaoka from Silent Hill 3 OST

Save/Load System + Gameplay

Save/Load System + Gameplay 2

Save/Load System + Gameplay 3

New Credits Screen

WARNING: What happens if you tamper with the save file
"I said stop screwin' around!"

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