Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Still Here, After Wednesday Night (Version Update 5

          Version 4: Huge Update + a ton of small addition + some secret 'secret story' prep work! Download it below! 
  • Still Here, After Wednesday Night (Version [12/21/11]
    • New Major Addition: Added Secret Story Prep Work (Version 4 Start)
    • New Minor Addition: Return to Title Screen method added
    • New Minor Addition: Added Check for Updates
    • New Minor Addition: Help evolves into Current Objectives!
    • New Minor Addition: Redesigned Main Menu
    • New Minor Addition: In-game Adjust Window Height
    • New Minor Addition: Saved Data can now be found by users (C:\Users\Public)--Still need to check on other PC (Only for the recommended  file, the .exe file always saves data in it's folder)
    • A ton of minor fixes and additions

P.S.: This will most likely be my last Post on this game as you can check for new update within the game. I probably will make another post when the extra content is fully completed, but that going to be away.

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